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Virtela ESC (Enterprise Services Cloud)

We invite you to listen to this podcast to learn more about Virtela ESC, the world's first cloud architecture purpose-built for enterprise networking, security and mobility. The podcast covers how our cloud is different from other clouds, how virtualization technologies are used and the benefits to end users, the services offered from the cloud and what's next for Virtela ESC.

An Interview with Virtual-Strategy Magazine — Podcast

Podcast Summary: Introducing Virtela ESC (Enterprise Services Cloud)
Length: 8:27

  • Introduction
  • Newly announced Enterprise Services Cloud – details (:22)
  • How this is different from other ways the cloud is used today (2:35)
  • How Virtela is using virtualization to create this new architecture & the benefits (3:11)
  • The kinds of services Virtela will offer based on ESC (4:56)
  • What’s next for Virtela ESC (7:21)
  • Close

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