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Managed Cloud-based Global Load Balancing

As workforces become more mobile and workplaces more distributed, it becomes more challenging to ensure that remote users have quick, secure access to file sharing resources, customer data, ERP and other critical applications. Virtela’s Cloud-based Global Load Balancing Service dynamically routes end users to the closest or best-performing remote access gateway within region to deliver optimal performance regardless of their current location worldwide.


24×7 Monitoring of Health Attributes

Virtela’s 24×7 Global Operations Center staff and systems monitor numerous network health attributes to ensure optimum load balancing of global enterprise traffic.

Transparently Redirects Traffic

Virtela transparently redirects traffic between locations as needed, providing business continuity in the event of performance degradation or outages.

How it works

Virtualized Overlay Network Platform

Virtela uses its Multi-Carrier Virtualized Overlay platform o seamlessly route traffic to the closest Virtela Local Cloud Center (LCC), bypassing Internet congestion points and providing automatic failover


Enterprise Services Cloud Platform

Virtela uses its Enterprise Services Cloud platform to enable instant load balancing service activation in 190+ countries without capex

Why Virtela:

Virtela is the smart alternative to traditional carriers and equipment vendors for your enterprise networking and virtualized IT service needs

  • Experience Better Service Delivery with virtualization technology already in place within the Virtela cloud for fast service provisioning and changes
  • Experience Better Performance with seamless redirection to the closest regional gateway for consistent end-user experience regardless of location or device (e.g., laptops, tablets, smartphones)
  • Experience Better ROI by eliminating up-front capex and the need to train personnel on how to configure and maintain load balancing equipment

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