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Enable asset-light IT for branch offices

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Enterprise Services Cloud (ESC)

Virtualizes IT services to enable asset-light branch offices, rapid service activation and lower costs while accelerating your business worldwide
Virtela ESC is the only global cloud purpose-
built for enterprise networking, security and mobility

Global Coverage

The platform features Local Cloud Centers (LCCs) strategically located around the world that eliminate the complexity and expense of having multiple networking devices at each of your branch offices.

CAPEX and OPEX savings

Software-defined networking enables the transition of branch office IT services to the cloud, delivering 80% cost savings in upfront capital and 30% savings in ongoing operating expenses.

Rapid activation of cloud services

Virtela ESC’s open design gives you the benefit of the best mix of underlying carriers and technologies while enabling rapid activation of industry-first cloud network services – such as Application Acceleration, Security, Mobility, and Unified Communications.

Up to 25x boost in app performance

Our highly distributed network of LCCs brings services closer to end users to boost performance and ensure security at the network edge.

Just one example: Virtela’s cloud acceleration boosts app performance up to 25x from any location, over any network – backed by the industry’s only application response time guarantee.

Why Virtela:

Virtela is the smart alternative to traditional carriers and equipment vendors for enterprise networking and virtualized IT service needs.

  • More than 500 global enterprises are already experiencing the benefits of Virtela ESC’s built-in network virtualization; developed using Virtela’s advanced software-defined network (SDN) technologies that free you from the need to deploy IT infrastructure at each branch office.
  • Not ready for the cloud? Virtela enables a seamless migration path by supporting on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions within one unified global service.

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Customer Stories

The Inteva IT organization and infrastructure operate at less than 1% of our total revenue, which is world class in our market. Virtela frees up our resources and budget, and enables our IT organization to function as business analysts with a keen focus on the strategic needs of the business.

Dennis Hodges CTO Dennis Hodges, CIO

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